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Coping And Stress Profile Facilitator's Kit with PowerPoint CD
 Coping And Stress Profile Facilitator's Kit with PowerPoint CD


Coping and Stress Profile® Facilitator's Kit

Materials Included in the Coping and Stress Profile Facilitator's Kit

The Coping & Stress Profile® Facilitator's Kit (B-260) is designed to help you administer, interpret, and design a seminar using the Coping & Stress Profile.  To use the facilitator's kit, it is necessary to purchase one Coping & Stress Profile for each participant in your session.

Everything you need to administer the Coping & Stress Profile is contained in the comprehensive Facilitator's Kit, including:

  •   2 Facilitator Manuals
    • Volume 1: Facilitator's Manual - Learn how to administer and interpret the Coping & Stress Profile for best results.  Includes research & technical background.
    • Volume 2: Scripted Seminar - A complete facilitator's script with applications, individual, & group activities for impactful learning.
  • Two Coping & Stress Profiles
  • Coping & Stress Presentation Materials on CD-ROM

The Coping & Stress Profile

To avoid the peaks and valleys of productivity created by high stress levels, you need employees who know how to balance the urgent demands of work life and personal life. Even when things are going smoothly, the cumulative effects of day-to-day stressors affect the way people behave. 

The Coping & Stress Profile is a unique learning instrument that connects stress and coping in four life areas:

  • Personal
  • Work
  • Couple
  • Family

Learners gain important insights into how stress in one area impacts other areas; how coping resources in one area can be used to decrease stress in another; and how stress, coping resources, and overall satisfaction are closely related.

Designed to provide human resource professionals with practical, research-based expertise, the kit helps you deliver Inscape Publishing's unique Discover & Capitalize approach to workplace learning:

  • Provide a self-directed scoring and interpreting process that actively engages the learner
  • In the context of personal experience
  • Simplify complex issues to increase understanding
  • Create a non-judgmental language for identifying and dealing with stress
  • Assess coping strengths
  • Highlight areas for increasing coping resources
  • Foster self-awareness and behavioral insights for long-term performance results

Coping & Stress Training

In-house training seminars are available using the Coping & Stress Profile.  Call Resources Unlimited for additional information.

Coping & Stress Profile Facilitator's Kit Phone Coaching

Speak with a Master Trainer with 20+ years of experience and expect to dramatically boost your Coping and Stress knowledge. One-on-one phone coaching will provide you with the assistance you need to design an effective training program, and will strengthen your investment in learning assessments.

Click here to learn more about Phone Coaching.

April is Stress Awareness Month

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Coping & Stress Profile® is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.

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